Meet the 2024 Summer Conference Keynote Speaker:

Steve "The Safari Dude" Fredlund

Thursday Keynote Session: 

The Epic Adventure of Healthcare Administration

Thursday, July 18: 9-10am 

Working in healthcare administration can feel like an African safari, an ongoing experience of ups & downs, high & lows, knowns & unknowns; where excitement and tension run side by side. There are certain principles that make African safaris truly epic, and as we apply them to our lives and leadership, we become more engaged, less burnt out, and. Steve "Safari Dude" Fredlund uses compelling stories from the Savannah to invite us into The Safari Way by choosing our experience, getting the right peeps in our Jeeps, doing the unright thing, taking in the view and embracing the adventure.

Educational Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of external pressures on our decisions
  • Feel empowered to implement the “Big 5” ways to have more fulfilling adventures in life and leadership
  • Realize the “unright thing” is often the key to moving from expected to extraordinary

From Minnesota to Rwanda, he brings thirty years of leadership success. Steve’s personal safari mission is to help great leaders and their teams enjoy an epic safari by getting the right peeps in their jeeps and in the right seats. 

About the Speaker:  Steve is an award-winning actuary with 25 years of experience in Fortune 500s including leadership roles in investments, product management and HR Workforce Analytics, where his research uncovered disruptive truths about the real drivers of productivity, engagement and retention. He is now a sought after speaker and coach empowering others toward greater success and happiness.

Concerned that he is a former actuary who delivers keynotes? Well, worry no more! Steve is an actuarial unicorn: funny, engaging and deeply connects with his audience -- he was once referred to as "The only actuary you actually WANT to sit next to at a dinner party!"


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