The Healthcare Leaders Association of Minnesota (HLAMN) was founded in 1951 and is one of the largest state associations in the United States. HLAMN represents hundreds of members statewide. The HLAMN is able to offer its membership advocacy, education, information, and representation.

The HLAMN has a primary mission, which includes enabling medical practice executives and their organizations to recognize and improve the health status of the community of patients they serve. This is accomplished by promoting and delivering the physician/administrative team approach to health care and medical group management. The HLAMN also focuses on enhancing a member's professional role, knowledge and skills.

The HLAMN serves its membership by advocating with the legislative and regulatory bodies to advance the concept of group practice with the health delivery system as well as building and providing a repository of data, process and organization design tools.

The HLAMN annual conferences attract hundreds of members, and business partner exhibition allows attendees to compare services and products that may help in the efficiency and effectiveness of their practice operations. The two annual conferences also give opportunity and exposure to continuing education.