On May 25, 2020, the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN was witnessed by the nation, resulting in outrage and action. This response has brought the conversation of racial disparity to the forefront. As leaders of medical organizations from across the state, we witness these disparities in healthcare and recognize the need for diversity in healthcare administration. Our communities, families, patients, staff, and HLAMN members are affected and impacted by these biases.

Our members are in a unique position to impact change among healthcare organizations. As an association representing medical management in the state of Minnesota, we stand by our Mission Statement: we are committed to serving medical practice executives, managers and their organizations, further enabling them to recognize and improve the health status of the community of patients they serve. The HLAMN leadership, like many of our members, recognizes an important key factor in the health status of our patient communities: the existing lack of equality. Our next action is the commitment to support our members in improving the health status of their communities – and organizations – through listening, learning, and offering appropriate education, advocacy, representation, and relationship building. This is a crucial issue, and one we all must commit to making a permanent part of our engagement.



HLAMN Minnesota Leadership