Mission & Vision

The Healthcare Leaders Association of Minnesota serves medical practice executives, managers and their organizations, further enabling them to recognize and improve the health status of the community of patients they serve by:

  • Promoting the role of professional management and the physician/administrative team approach to health care delivery and medical group management
  • Enhancing members' professional roles, knowledge and skills
  • Promoting professional relationships and networking opportunities within the industry
  • Advocating with elected officials, regulatory agencies, and third-party payers to advance the value of group practice in providing accessible, sustainable and high quality health care in Minnesota  

Organizational Structure & Bylaws

The Healthcare Leaders Association of Minnesota (HLAMN) consists of an Executive Committee, Board of Directors and its members (regular, student, lifetime and affiliate). The Executive Committee is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Past President. All officers are elected by the membership and act as the decision making body of the HLAMN.

The Board of Directors includes the Executive Committee members, chairpersons for all the committees and the liaison positions. The board makes recommendations to the Executive Committee and is also given direction from the Executive committee. For specific information, please consult the organizational Bylaws.

For further information regarding the organizational structure of the HLAMN, refer to the Organizational Chart.



Founded in 1951, Healthcare Leaders Association of Minnesota (HLAMN) roots reach as far back as 1890 with the birth of group practice in southern Minnesota. The first meeting of the National Association of Clinic Managers in 1926 addressed problems of clinic administration.

Today, HLAMN claims diverse membership including administrators, CEOs, physicians, office managers, business partners, students and many others. HLAMN has earned a reputation as a premier professional organization.

In 1990, lifetime HLAMN member William E. Costello, FACMPE, published the association’s first history,L’Etoile du Nord: The First Forty Years of the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association. Learn more about HLAMN past and current work throughout this website.